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Swiffer-sweeper-wet-on-hardwood-floors, but if you’re a hardwood floor owner, you’ve probably scratched your head trying to figure how to keep them clean and like new. while some suggest silly remedies like using hot tea to clean your floors, swiffer has an easy-to-follow guide that gets you the best looking floors and keeps your tea in your mug where it belongs.. According to the manufacturer's website, the swiffer mop is appropriate for use on finished hardwood floors when you use either the dry or wet refill cloths. wet refills aren't recommended for use ..., make your own swiffer sweeper pads swiffer sweeper x large swiffer wetjet floor spray mop review assembling and using a swiffer wetjet. pics of : swiffer sweeper wet on wood floors.

Can you use swiffer sweeper wet mop on laminate floors -> source : homeguides.sfgate.com, a lot of you have been asking if it’s safe to use your swiffer wetjet on your wood floors so i thought it was about time to write an article on this topic. the swiffer wetjet is a mop that has received a lot of press and mixed reviews. the swiffer wetjet is a mop […].

Swiffer wetjet wood floor spray mop gives you a great clean on virtually any in your home with unique dual nozzle sprayer this all one swiffer wetjet multi surface ..., want to make sure your hardwood floors stay looking like new? here are some quick tips from swiffer to keep them stay clean for years to come. learn more. Wetjet wood floor starter kit for swiffer wetjet wood mopping kit wetjet wood floor cleaner solution swiffer wetjet 42 2 oz multi purpose. pics of : swiffer wet hardwood floors